Congress centre

For all these who are looking for an ideal place for business meetings, seminars, workshops and other types of business meetings, hotel Šumarice is the perfect place.

The hotel can organize events total capacity of over 700 people. Six conference rooms provide all the comfort and make creative atmosphere. All the rooms are backlit with daylight. The rooms are multifunctional with the ability to adapt to the needs of the organizers.

For the purpose of organizing large meetings, there is the possibility of establishing exhibition space in the sports hall, the reception, the Fireplace Hall.

The conference rooms are fully technically equipped and organizers have at their disposal:

  • Audio-video equipment (projector, laser pointer, microphones, amplifiers)
  • Internet (Wi Fi)
  • Supporting equipment (cables, printer, copier, black out curtains, booths, flip chart, markers)

As the hotel has its own professional sports hall, it is possible to organize various sport and recreational activities during the seminar. There is also a gym and a wellness center.

H.T.D. "Šumarice" d.o.o.

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Gradska kafana BALKAN

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